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    Exam results will be available for collection from 9am until 12 noon on:

    Thursday 17th August for A levels

    Thursday 24th August for GCSEs

    • We do not email, text or give results over the  phone
    • Staff will be on hand to help and advise students.
    • Students need to give a letter in to the exams office by the end of term if they want anyone – even parents – to collect their results for them.
    • A stamped, addressed A5 envelope should be handed in to the exams office by the end of term for results to be posted out at the end of the day.



    Pupils at Abbeyfield School are celebrating the best ever GCSE results in its history. These are phenomenal results and they have led to a combined outcome of 81% of all students achieving A*- C in English and Maths. Almost 1 out of every 3 students achieved A* or A in English and nearly 1 in 4 achieved A* or A in Maths.

    Ian Tucker, Headteacher is delighted and says: “These are stunning results and they reflect the hard work of all the students, teachers and supportive parents. Our school is going from strength to strength and it was a privilege to be amongst so many happy students this morning. We hope to see many of them return to us in September as they join our highly successful Sixth Form. One of the best outcomes is that our students made such excellent progress in their time with Abbeyfield. They really responded well to excellent teaching and staff that believed in them.”

    The fantastic outcomes were supported by really strong progress. The schools Progress 8 score for 2015-16 was +0.16 meaning students performed better than expected when compared to their ability on entry. The attainment 8 figure for the school was 5.36 or C+ on average showing really strong performance by all students across the board.

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      A Levels

      The school has maintained its three year trend for significant added value on all academic A level courses. This means that students who enter 6th form from a variety of different starting points have gone on to achieve grades either in line with their expectations or often above. This added value figure is consistent for students in the disadvantaged group who also make excellent progress going on to secure strong destinations (the VA figure for disadvantaged students from Abbeyfield in 2016 was positive and in line with national averages). Progress on Applied (BTEC courses) continues to be a strong feature of sixth form with positive value added on these courses. Performance on AS courses also remains above national averages based on progress from different starting points, as is the progress for disadvantaged students.

      The students at Abbeyfield School, Chippenham have posted some of the best A level and BTEC results ever. 100% of students entered for 3 or more A levels achieved A*-E with 42% of those students achieving A*-B grades. Almost one in four students achieved the highest grades of A*, A or Distinction* in their A level or BTEC results. A total of 48% of students who took BTEC qualifications achieved Distinction or Distinction* which emphasises the value we place at Abbeyfield on both the academic and vocational qualifications we offer. In all, 79% of students achieved A*- C or Merit across the A level and BTEC range; a result to be truly proud of.

      Headteacher, Ian Tucker says: “For the past two years, the development of the Sixth Form has been high on the list of School Improvement Priorities for the school. We have demanded a great deal from students and staff in the pursuit of strong and competitive outcomes and they have gone above and beyond with their response. Sam Owen, our Head Boy, who achieved A* in History, an A in Business Studies and a B in Biology devised the strap line: “Enter to learn… Leave to achieve” within days of joining the Sixth Form. This group of students have taken that motto to heart and we are delighted by these results and wish all students the very best with their next steps.”


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