Head of Department: Mr Wicks


At Abbeyfield we really value languages, recognising both the importance of students being able to speak an additional language and the opportunities it offers them later in life. Students study either French or Spanish from KS3. Within each subject we aim to develop cultural awareness as well as curriculum content. At the end of KS3, you should be able to express a lot of information about yourself and write creatively in either French or Spanish and should have a good knowledge of French or Spanish culture. At the end of KS4, you should be able to develop your points of view and communicate well on a whole range of topics. By the end of Year 13, you will have reached near fluency and will be able to debate topics of a social, political and artistic nature.


Learning languages is something that can open doors and create opportunities across the world. You will be taught by enthusiastic teachers, who are passionate about their subject. You can expect fun, interactive lessons, where learning takes place easily. You will develop grammar skills and also fluency in the language from the start. There is never a dull moment in the MFL department! In addition to learning a language in school you will be offered the opportunity to visit a foreign country to experience the culture and be immersed in the language. For more specific curriculum details please see the attached document.


Languages Curriculum