Head Of Department: Mr Stewart


Following on from curriculum changes, students are now studying Computing at KS3 as opposed to the traditional IT. Traditional IT focused more heavily on design through computers whereas the new Computing curriculum has a greater focus on introducing students to programming and networking. We have begun to make significant changes to the units that students are studying and over the next few years, the KS3 Computing team will be continuing to review the curriculum further into one focusing on the rigour of computer science and the creativity of digital media and graphic communications.

These changes to our curriculum will enable students to have the ability to select Computer Science or the Technical Award of BTEC Computing at KS4.


New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school. At Abbeyfield we endeavour to provide our students with an outstanding E-Safety programme that provides today’s young people with the education they need in order to stay safe online and thrive within a 21st century world of Media. Our staff have received up-to-date training on the current issues within E-Safety; this has put us well placed to deliver cutting edge E-Safety lessons and content which will safeguard our students from the various forms of online issues that we increasingly face. Students will receive discrete lessons within the Computing curriculum but will also receive content through our PSHE programme and tutor sessions. Students will have access to the latest support websites and will debate real world issues within the media world. Some of the areas we will be covering this year are Scams, Copyright, Cyber Bullying, Reporting Concerns, Illegal downloading and much more. Please support us at home by maintaining a robust approach to the use of the internet within your home and by monitoring who your children are talking to online.

Computing Curriculum