Sixth Form

‘I can..’

Our 6th Form outcomes and student voice speak for themselves. To really understand what it is to be an Abbeyfield 6th Form student, please take the time to watch our 6th Form video, prepared by our current Year 12 and 13 students to provide an insight into the 6th Form that they, and we, are so proud of.

As this will demonstrate, we truly believe that we have outstanding staff, students, resources, accommodation, careers support, and enrichment opportunities that, together, add value to all that we do. We believe that 6th Form studies are of vital importance in preparing you for the next step in your life, whether that is continuing to degree level through university or a degree apprenticeship, moving into the world of work or simply taking time out to travel and explore the world.

Pathways through Abbeyfield 6th Form

Abbeyfield is an inclusive 6th Form but recognizes that our students have different starting points and aspirations.

We have adopted a pathways approach helping to cater for all students that meet our standard entry criteria of 5+ Grade 4 or above GCSE passes.

The pathways are:

  1. Pathway to Russell Group universities including Oxford, Cambridge and medicine courses. This pathway is particularly suitable for students who gain high GCSE grades in a range of subjects. Students on this pathway should ideally include two facilitating subjects at A level in their choices.
  2. Pathway to university and higher education. This pathway is most suitable for students with good GCSE grades in the subjects they wish to continue with. Students on this pathway may mix traditional A level subjects with BTEC courses.
  3. Pathway to Apprenticeships and work. This pathway is more practical and involves study of BTECS with perhaps one A level course.

In addition, students have the option to study for an additional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and / or Core Maths, both of which provide additional UCAS points to support university applications and enhance your employability.

Should anyone need to re-sit their Maths or English Language, this is also supported by our subject specialist teachers, with the option for a November 2019 entry, as well as Summer 2020.

If you are new to Abbeyfield, or an existing student who would like more information, please feel free to contact me via email ( for further discussion, or to arrange a tour.

We look forward to receiving your application and supporting you throughout your 6th Form journey.


In 2018, once again Abbeyfield’s results in A Level and BTEC qualifications has been really strong.  All our students have demonstrated excellent progress in a diverse range of subjects with over 40% of entries achieving A Level grades A*-B or Btec Distinction*- Merit. 

The commitment of students on our A Level and vocational Btec courses is something we are rightly very proud of and these results are significantly helping to support applications to both apprenticeships and to university. 

Examples of outstanding achievement include, alongside many other examples:  

  • Josh Raby achieved A, A, A in Computer Science, Maths and Physics
  • Leigh Dunn who has shown immense resilience achieving A* in both Art and Photography
  • Philip Bardy for A, A, C in Computer Science, Maths and Physics
  • Katie Johnston for A, A, B in Psychology, Sociology and Religious Studies.
  • William Matthews who achieved and A in A level Business, B in A Level Economics and Distinction in BTEC IT.
  • Jack Pinchis who achieved an impressive Distinction* in BTEC Business, Distinction in BTEC IT as well as a C in A level Psychology.
  • Daniel Goss and Tyler Cole who both gained two Distinction grades in their respective BTEC courses.

For more details, please see School Performance Tables:


Students at Abbeyfield School follow a variety of post-18 pathways.  Approximately 50-60% choose to continue their education to degree level, either through a university course or a degree apprenticeship through an employer. Universities of choice include Russell Group destinations such as Cardiff, Bath, Bristol and Exeter. Other very popular choices include Plymouth, Swansea and UWE, as well as various more specialist destinations such as Falmouth.

Many students choose to move into HE to gain a more specialist qualification, such as IT or Engineering based courses. Equally, a large number of our students are successful in accessing higher apprenticeships and achieving vocational qualifications aligned to their chosen profession.

Finally, for some students they choose to take a gap year with some student working, and other travelling, or a combination of both, before embarking on degree courses of apprenticeships.

From all at Abbeyfield we wish them the very best of luck which whatever path they have chosen to take.

From all at Abbeyfield we wish them the very best of luck which whatever path they have chosen to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Abbeyfield?

  • Strong outcomes for students following any of our three academic pathways.
  • Extensive range of courses (See our 6th Form Prospectus for details)
  • Experienced and extremely supportive subject specialist teachers
  • Smaller than average class sizes allowing for seminar style teaching and more opportunities for feedback.
  • Differentiated teaching to stretch and most able learners, and support those who need a little more time.
  • Supervised Study sessions to support independent working so students can make better progress.
  • Excellent 6th Form Accommodation comprising silent study rooms and social areas
  • A commitment to our enrichment offer, which includes a range of leadership and volunteering opportunities, NCS links, Gold DoE and a cross-curricular residential trip to Barcelona in the summer term.
  • Vertical tutor groups to support our 6th Form Community.
  • Strong CIAG support to ensure that students can make an informed decision about their post-18 pathways, including degree and higher apprenticeships and university.
  • PSHE lessons to improve student’s study skills and prepare them for life after Abbeyfield.

How do I apply to join Abbeyfield Sixth Form?

  1. Attend the Open Evening on November 14th 2019. Leave an email address so school can contact you about our Applicants Day in January.
  2. Attend 6th Form Applicants Day on January 11th 2020.
  3. Complete a 6th Form Application Form by 20th December 2019 and return to Miss Jones Head of 6th Form, Abbeyfield School.
  4. You will be invited for interview during Term 3.
  5. A formal offer will be confirmed by letter sent out following interview to confirm your offer or explain why you have not been offered a place.
  6. Attend 6th Form Induction Morning in July 2020.
  7. Collect results in August 2020 and complete your 6th Form Enrolment Form to finalise options and confirm you are attending Abbeyfield 6th Form.

Why a sixth form rather than college?

  • Offers a better stepping-stone between school and higher education/ work allowing students time to develop independent learning skills
  • Rigorous and academic environment
  • Familiarity ‘we know you, and you know us’
  • Tutor support which provides pastoral and academic support

The teachers are really supportive and always ready to help

What support will I receive at Abbeyfield with deciding on my next steps?

Abbeyfield prides itself on knowing the needs of each individual within our 6th Form community. Our support and guidance is tailored to the individual but may include:

For those wishing to go to university:
  • We have strong links with Oxford, Bristol, UWE, Bath, Portsmouth and Cardiff and are part of the UWE Heading Higher Scheme
  • Practice interviews with Ox Zizz at St Mary’s School for top universities
  • UCAS Personal Statement writing workings in June (Plymouth University)
  • Cardiff University Open Day trip (March)
  • Authorisation for students to attend University Open Days and Interviews
  • Opportunity for all students to complete 2 x work experience placements during Year 12 or Year 13
  • Support with your application process, including preparing personal statements and the application process itself
  • Finance meeting with external provider (Portsmouth University)
For those wishing to go to obtain a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship:
  • Support with your application process, including preparing CV’s and the application process itself
  • Degree apprenticeship meeting with external provider (Portsmouth University)
  • Mentoring scheme with local businesses to support you through the application process
  • A range of workshops facilities by national employers, such as Hitachi UK
For ALL students:
  • Employability Day (July) which includes advise on preparing application letters, as well as an opportunity for a practise interview and feedback with a local employer.
  • Bristol Universities & Apprenticeship Fayre, Bristol (October)
  • Trowbridge HE & University Fayre (March)