Able, Inspired and Motivated


Able, Inspired and Motivated Students at Abbeyfield School

At Abbeyfield School we understand the diversity of the needs of each and every individual student and recognise the importance of providing a personalised curriculum. Included in this is the need to provide support and challenge for our most able learners, and we endeavour to foster and extend their abilities to their maximum potential. We believe it is vital to provide a learning environment which encourages all our students to maximise their potential and this includes more able students.

There have been many successes for able students at our school. One measure is the high number (compared to national averages) of GCSE A*-A grades across our core subjects in particular. We are also proud of our A*-A grades at A level and have had successful Oxbridge and Russell Group University candidates.

Aims for the able group
Our aims for this group are that:
• All teachers will be aware of their needs and stretch and challenge them in class to achieve their potential.
• In Key Stage 3, that they will be offered enrichment from subjects to extend them and give them the opportunity to work with other able students. This can come from opting onto trips and visits as well as workshops in the day.
• Their progress will be tracked and we will check they have challenging targets, across all subjects.
• We will celebrate their achievement in the newsletter and keep parents updated.

How can parents support their able child?
• Encourage them to take up any relevant extra-curricular opportunities, trips and clubs offered, as well as after school intervention sessions offered by subjects (funding is available in certain cases).
• Ask them to consider their future and look at Russell group University entrance if appropriate (we offer career guidance in addition).
• Seek out family enrichment opportunities e.g. museum, art gallery and science related visits, encourage daily reading etc.

Examples of recent enrichment activities
• GCHQ Languages workshop
• Work with the Brilliant Club Scholar’s Programme
• Bath University trips for Years 9&10
• Rocket Club International Final winners
• UK Maths Challenge competitions
• UWE Global Competition
• Science DNA day for KS3 able scientists
• Visits to Southampton and Oxford University
• Oxbridge University talk with a visiting professor

There are regular updates on Able, Inspired and Motivated students and their achievements in the newsletter – please see this section of the website for details.

The AIM team are Mrs Carpenter and Miss Stoneman. Please contact if you have any queries.