Able, Inspired and Motivated

All staff and the Governing Board at Abbeyfield School are fully committed to equality of opportunities for all.  Abbeyfield is an inclusive school and we believe that every student regardless of ability has the right to be stretched, stimulated and encouraged to develop his or her full potential.

Able Students:

Able students are defined through outcomes of CAT tests completed in Year 7 and Year 9.

We are also aware that some students who achieve very highly at Abbeyfield are not on the Able register and do not place a ceiling on any student’s achievement, instead encouraging all students to be aspirational in their learning.

Inspired and Motivated Students:  

Inspired and Motivated students are those who are enquiring and enthusiastic in their learning; they are our Abbeyfield Learners.  Inspired and motivated students are identified by their subject areas based on attitude to learning. This includes students who have a particular ability in a specific subject area.

These students are placed on the AIM register which is shared with staff. It is expected that staff adapt their teaching to meet the needs of these students.

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