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Summary of KS4 and KS5 Performance 2020

Key Stage 4

Progress 8 score -0.22 (Verified)

Of those who attended their GCSE programmes our P8 score is -0.01.

Attainment 8 score Progress 8 score -0.21 (provisional)

Attainment 8 score 43.4 (provisional)

Percentage of pupils who achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and Maths at the end of Key Stage 4 = 31% and the percentage achieving a standard pass (grade 4 or above) = 59%

Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) = 16%, calculated using students who have scored grades 5 and above in English, maths, a modern foreign language, history or geography, and two grade 5s or above within science (including computer science).

Percentage of students staying in education or going into employment after key stage 4 is incredibly high and this will be updated when the figure becomes verified.

Key Stage 5

Our A* – B outcomes including Merit+ was 40%

Over 50% students who studies a vocational programme achieved a Distinction or a Distinction*

3 year T score of “4” putting Abbeyfield in the top 40% of 6th forms nationally.

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Exam Information for Candidates 2020:

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Destinations Data

    GCSE Results 2018

    Abbeyfield School Press Release – Key Stage 4 outcomes 2018.

    Headteacher Ian Tucker says: “Once again, the Year 11 students at Abbeyfield School have performed strongly and we are all delighted with their outcomes.

    “This has been an unusually small cohort of students with only 88 students being entered and we are delighted that 66% of our students achieved Level 4+ in Maths and English and 72% achieved grades 9-4 including A*-C in all subjects. Over 20% of entries were graded 9-7 or A*-A in all subjects. English and Maths continue to be high performing subjects with nearly 1 in every 4 students achieving grades 9-7 in English. A notable mention needs to go to Kira Jeffries who achieved 9 grade 9’s and an A* in Further Maths. Strong performances in terms of the very top grades were achieved in the Sciences, English, Maths and Humanities Departments, each of which produced some outstanding results for their students. We look forward to seeing many of them return to join our flourishing sixth form in September. ”

    “At a time when we have even more reforms in place with nearly all subjects requiring much more to be taught and learnt and by being based entirely on exams and trying to achieve the new 1-9 grades, students know just what ‘high stakes’ are attached to the exam season. It is a credit to all our students that they have performed so well and that they have shown just what progress they can make.”

    “We are all very proud of what our students and staff have achieved – they look set to have made some very strong progress across the board.”

    A-Level Results 2018

    Abbeyfield A level Results – Press Release 2018

    As more and more of the A levels and BTECs now concentrate on exams, students are being challenged in all subjects in an increasingly academic manner. At Abbeyfield, we are extremely proud of all our Year 13 students and utterly delighted with their results this year. Once again we have achieved a 100% A*-E pass rate across every subject with 49% of our students achieved A*-B at A level or Distinction star to merit in the BTEC grades.

    All the students have their destinations and next steps confirmed and it is a credit to all their hard work and devotion that they have managed to secure such positive outcomes. Whilst all our students have done well, special mention needs to go to Jake Fitzwater who achieved 3A* and 1 A in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science, Jamie Heath who achieved 3 A grades in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Jack Brown, Ethan Burch, Lucy James, Erin Jones, Abi Cross, Peter Beard and Holly-Anne Wood also performed brilliantly achieving combinations of the highest grades. The school continues to perform highly in all subjects and a special mention needs to go to students of Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Business, Computer Science, who all achieved outstanding results with Chemistry, Law, History who all performed very well.

    Students from Abbeyfield are looking forward to bright new chapters in their futures; ranging from University placements at places like Exeter, Manchester, The University of the West of England through to apprenticeships at top professional companies such as Ernst and Young.

    The Sixth form at Abbeyfield is all about their mantra: ‘I CAN’. This represents Inspiration, Community, Academia and New Beginnings. They have clearly demonstrated once again the benefits of hard work, responding to strong teaching and striving to reach ambitious targets. We look forward to hearing about their successes in the future and congratulate them once again for achieving such strong results.  Well done to all our Abbeyfield students!

    GCSE Results 2017

    Abbeyfield School are delighted once again to announce tremendous results for all its Year 11 students this summer. The hard work and dedication of students and staff has paid off and all at a time when the GCSE exam has undergone significant transformation. It hasn’t mattered what their ability level is, they have all done fantastically well and we are thrilled for them.

    72% of our pupils achieved 5 A*- C including English and Maths at Level 4+. Over 80% of pupils achieved grades 4 and above in English and 78% achieved the same in maths. The highly difficult 9 grade has also been achieved by a good number of students here in both English and Maths and we are thrilled to have students here equalling the very top students in the whole country – in this measure we sit above the national prediction for such grades.

    The staff have worked tirelessly with the students to prepare them for their summer exams and I know they will be very pleased with the outcomes. We are very fortunate at Abbeyfield to have a teaching and support staff who constantly seek to go the extra mile with students and find ways to help them be as successful as they possibly can be. Clearly students have worked hard outside of school time too, because to deliver such excellent results demands a great deal of personal study and sacrifice.

    As a school we have been supporting the nationally held view that this is going to be a year of real volatility in terms of the grades and outcomes that students can expect. Schools, students and parents just cannot compare the results this year with previous years. This new exam system has been designed to be tougher and one which relates most closely with the old ‘O’ level form of examination; all of which means that students are having to base their outcomes entirely on exams. The biggest change has come about with the move to number grades instead of letter grades; and this year it has been the place of Maths and English to produce these. Within a grading structure of 1 to 9 with 9 being the very highest, the Government are saying that a grade 4 is equivalent to a C and above. The key thing to remember is that the new grading structure is not directly equivalent to the A*- G system we have become used to.

    For a more detailed breakdown of results please click on the breakdown of 2016-17 results here

    GCSE Exams Results Overview 2017:

      A-Level Results – 2017

      Abbeyfield students go from strength to strength yet again. We achieved 100% A*- E grades for all students and 50% achieved A*- B in each subject chosen. Every single student who took the BTEC award, gained Distinction * to help us complete and meet a set of highly aspirational targets for the school. Both of these sets of outcomes demonstrate our best ever results.

      Notable mentions need to be made of Sam Goring (A*in Maths, A* in Further Maths, A in Physics), Marcel Porgorzels (A* in Business, A* in Psychology, A in Geography), Dan Palmer (A* in Physics, A in Economics, A in Maths), Ben Purkis (A* in Maths, A in Further Maths, B in Physics) and Josie Graham (A in Biology, A in Chemistry, B in Maths).

      All of our Departments had subjects gaining the very highest achievements with more than 50% gaining A*- B. All of our BTEC students achieved Distinction * across the board.

      We are very proud of the achievements of our students and we wish them every success as they go onto University or their next step in life. They have all been a true credit to themselves and to their school.

      For a more detailed breakdown of our sixth form results please look under the sixth form data and destinations section.

      To see our performance on The Department for Education site please click here.