Sixth Form Data – Exam series 2017


Headline results:
• A*-B at A level– 50%
• BTEC Distinction* – 100%
• A*-E at A level – 100%


Abbeyfield students gained very good results in 2017 – 50 % of all A level entries gained A*-B grades and all BTEC entries were graded at Distinction * (equivalent point score to A* at A level). All students passed their exams meaning the A*-E figure is 100%


Subjects which gained particularly high marks include:

Subject Percentage A*-A
Further Maths 75%
Maths 33.3%
History 50%
Biology 33.3%
Physics 37.5%


Schools also judge student performance using a Value Added measure. This shows where the student has scored more highly than data suggested they would. This is often an indicator of very good teaching.


Subjects which gained good VA scores (at A2) include:

Subject VA (above the expected)
Physics +1.99
Maths +1.91
Computer Science +2.2


Abbeyfield 6th form also has an improving T score. This indicates that the quality of teaching and learning at Abbeyfield is continuing to improve. Our current T score is 3: this indicates that our teaching quality is better than in most other similar schools.


Retention at Abbeyfield:
• 62% of students in Y11 returned to Abbeyfield 6th Form
• 95% of students returned to Abbeyfield at the end of Y12


• 81% of students moved on to Higher Education
• Other destinations included Apprenticeships, work placements and GAP years.