Staff List


Teaching Staff List
Senior Leadership
Mr Norgrove NMN Acting Co-Headteacher
Mr Plummer RXP Acting Co-Headteacher
Mr Down SXD Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Haig-Williams RHW Assistant Headteacher – Personalised Learning (including SEND) & Head of Sixth Form
Miss Virgin JMV Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning
Mrs Nic Hathway NJH Associate Senior leader – CIAG ITT & Timetable
Science & Physical Education
Mrs Silcock SAS Head of Science & DofE Award Manager
Mr Bouchard EJB Teacher of Science & Sixth Form Tutor
Mr Gingell PJG Talbot House Leader, Teacher of Science & Year 11 Tutor
Dr Okoturo-Evans OOE Teacher of Science
Miss Pegler ELP RSL for Year 10 & Teacher of Science
Mr Pickering JAP Teacher of Science & Year 10 Tutor
Mr Smith AWS Teacher of Science
Mrs Stockham JBS Teacher of Science
Mr S Tucker SWT Second in Science & Year 7 Tutor
Mr Baker JNB Head of PE & Year 10 Tutor
Mrs Simmons TJS Brunel House Leader, Teacher of PE & Year 7 Tutor
Mrs Swinney LDS Teacher of PE & Year 10 Tutor
Mr Tregilgas DHT RSL for Year 8 & Teacher of PE
Miss Walby ALW Teacher of PE & Sixth Form Tutor
Mathematics & Business
Miss Hopkinson LJH Head of Mathematics
Mr Beresford JDB Teacher of Mathematics & Year 9 Tutor
Mr Eldred JSE Teacher of Mathematics & Year 10 Tutor
Mr Pinnell MXP Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Shackley JCS Neeld House Leader, Teacher of Mathematics & Year 8 Tutor
Mrs Smy LIS Second in Mathematics & Sixth Form Tutor
Mr Stewart JRS Head of Business, Economics, Law, Computer Science & Year 8 Tutor
Mrs Barry PCB Teacher of ICT & Year 9 Tutor
Mr Cook SJC Teacher of Computing & Year 10 Tutor
Mrs Meade DJM Teacher of ICT/Business Studies & Sixth Form Tutor
Design Technology & Creative Arts
Ms Ritzaki NCR Head of Design Technology & Year 11 Tutor
Miss Griffiths ING Teacher of Design Technology & Year 8 Tutor
Mrs Jones SEJ RSL for Year 11 & Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs Knight SRK Teacher of Design Technology & Year 10 Tutor
Mr Jennings AOJ Head of Creative Arts, Teacher of Music & Sixth Form Tutor
Mr Allies-Curtis DAC Teacher of Art & Year 7 Tutor
Miss Deevey CXD Teacher of Creative Arts & Year 10 Tutor
Miss Smith SKS Alfred House Leader, Teacher of Drama & Year 8 Tutor
Mr Thorn AJT Teacher of Drama & Year 8 Tutor
Mrs Young ZEY Teacher of Creative Arts & EPQ Co-ordinator
English, Humanities & MFL
Mrs Lawrence HCL SENCO
Ms Jeffries ELJ Head of English
Mrs Hawker EXH English and KS5 Lead & Sixth Form Tutor
Mrs Lloyd SJL Teacher of English, Literacy Co-odinator & Year 11 Tutor
Ms Loudon EGL Teacher of English & Year 7 Tutor
Mr Russell JHR Teacher of English & Year 7 Tutor
Miss Tubbs HKT English KS3 Lead & Year 9 Tutor
Mr Wharmby PRW English KS4 and Data Lead & Year 8 Tutor
Mr Bryant MJB Head of Humanities & Year 9 Tutor
Mr Chilcott IMC Alfred House Leader, Teacher of Humanities & Year 9 Tutor
Miss Crowe GEC Raising Standards Leader for Year 9 & Teacher of Humanities
Miss Cutts ELC Teacher of Psychology & Year 11 Tutor
Mrs Farquharson LKF Teacher of Psychology/Sociology & Sixth Form Tutor
Mrs Harris SDH Teacher of Psychology & Sixth Form Tutor
Miss Jones SXJ Second in Sixth Form, Teacher of Humanities & Year 11 Tutor
Mr Wicks DMW Head of MFL
Mrs Blackburn DXB Teacher of MFL & Year 7 Tutor
Miss Harries ELH Teacher of MFL & Year 7 Tutor
Mrs Radford LER Teacher of MFL & Year 8 Tutor
Miss Stoneman CAS Raising Standards Leader for Year 7, Primary Transition & Teacher of MFL
Associate Staff
Ms Adams TMA Teaching Assistant/HLTA
Ms Allen LXA Teaching Assistant
Mr Angell TXA Mini Bus Driver
Ms Bogg ADB HR Officer
Ms Bromley RAB Finance Manager
Mrs Caulfield-Smith CCS Senior House Tutor
Ms Davies KJD Teaching Assistant
Ms Duprat DVD Technology Technician
Mrs Ehlinger NCE Teaching Assistant
Ms Evans BJE Inclusion Manager/Child Protection Officer
Mr Evans GEE Librarian
Ms Gascoigne JMG Learning Supervisor
Ms Gittins SJG Senior House Tutor/Primary Transition
Ms Green LXG Attendance Officer
Mr Henry ASH Learning Supervisor/Temporary Teacher of English
Ms Hill JPH PA to the Head/Clerk to Governors
Mr Holder WEH Science & Technology Technician
Ms Holtom IXH Examinations Officer
Ms Jobbins JEJ Teaching Assistant/HLTA
Ms Kamphaug SKK Lead Teaching Assistant
Ms Maddocks JSM Finance Assistant
Ms May RJM Data Administration Assistant
Ms Pierce JEP Community Sports Leader
Ms Privett KXP Reprographics Clerk
Miss Richford SJR Design & Technology Technician
Mrs Salsbury AXS Teaching Assistant
Mrs Scattergood LAS Administration Assistant SEN
Mr Scott GJS Teaching Assistant
Ms Smith JVS Educational Visits Co-ordinator & Finance Assistant
Mr Smith PAS Mini Bus Driver
Mrs Thorburn LMT Teaching Assistant
Ms Taylor JXT Learning Supervisor
Ms Williamson MAW Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Ms Wright SLW Lead Science Technician