Careers – Useful Links


A one-stop shop for information on all of the important transition periods in education, including GCSE Options, post-16 and post-18 choices



Independent university comparison website, with information, tips and advice from current and former university students about what university is like.

An incredibly useful website showcasing the Russell group universities with information and case studies on each.



Fantastic resources to help students with everything to do with employability, from managing their money to writing a CV and preparing for a job interview.

Student job site providing details about up-to-date part-time, temporary, full-time and seasonal jobs for students in all areas around the UK.

The UK’s biggest job search engine – can be used to find part-time, temporary and permanent jobs and even Traineeships and Apprenticeships.



Voluntary government programme for 15-17 year-olds that combines outdoor activities and adventure with volunteering on community projects.

National volunteering organisation where individuals can search for opportunities in their area (some roles may require students to be 16+ or 18+).


Apprenticeships and Training

Website breaking down the different options available to students that aren’t interested in going to university and how they can find these opportunities.

Government website for guidance on all apprenticeship vacancies and applications

All you ever need to know about apprenticeships, including what they are, how they work and how to find them.

A guide for parents who want to explore and understand the range of apprenticeships that are available.
Apprenticeships Explained