Curriculum Rationale – Entitlement

Entitlement of Experience

Equally important to our taught curriculum is the assortment of experiences our pupils are entitled to expect whilst with us. These enable personal and social development, develop citizenship and community work and present challenges.

These enrichment experiences include, work experience at Key Stage 4 and 5, trips, a wide range of well attended extra-curricular clubs, including Duke of Edinburgh, fundraising events, supporting others, mentoring and representing the school. All have the aim of helping our young people to develop their own identity so they are ready and equipped to fully engage with life beyond school.  We believe these opportunities are an entitlement and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported to ensure they are able to access the same experiences that all pupils are exposed to. 

We recognise that school is far more than working towards achieving excellent outcomes and believe in the importance of teaching students about kindness, respect and other British values.  Whilst many of these aspects are covered in PSHE lessons, they are also themes that are constantly visited in lessons, assemblies and tutor periods.