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Nutrition Update

A new set of School Food Standards were launched in June 2014 for all food served in schools in England. These will be mandatory for all maintained schools, new academies and free schools and fully come on force in 1st January 2015. 

The previous statutory standards introduced between 2006 and 2009, comprised “food based” and “nutrient based” standards. These had a positive impact on school food however they were complicated, costly to implement, inflexible in terms of menu changes and required the help of central resources for recipe and menu analysis. 

The new food standards aim to: 

  • Ensure food provided is healthy, balanced and nutritious 

  • Provide pupils with an appropriate amount of the energy and nutrients they need during the school day 

  • Help develop healthy eating habits. 

The new food standards are based around the five food groups and are stricter in terms of health and balance of menus but do not require nutritional analysis of individual recipes.


You can download the new school food standards from:


We have designed a brand new menu to be implemented Mid December compliant with the new food standards. 

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