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Fashion and Textiles

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Head of Department: Ms Ritzaki


Textile products play an important role in meeting man’s basic needs. Pupils quickly learn that the technological advances of textiles in various industries are just as important as the textiles found in the clothing industry. For example, who would have thought that textiles are used in coffee filters, tea bags, building materials, roads before they are paved, tyres (75% of the strength from textiles), bullet proof vests, sports equipment and even candle wicks!

As pupils progress through KS3 they will learn how to follow a design brief and incorporate design skills with a range of textiles techniques into a product. They will gain an understanding of fibres and fabrics and will learn how to make more sustainable products creatively. Here is a brief synopsis about the projects for each year group:

Year 7 – Introduction to Textiles

Pupils are briefed on Health and Safety in the textiles room prior to completing a series of Focused Practical Tasks using some of the equipment in the room. Pupils are offered the opportunity to create their own design brief by researching what makes us resilient. Pupils are then introduced to the basics of how to produce good designs for products, research, task analysis, textiles techniques (including decorative techniques), fibres and fabrics. This culminates in all pupils manufacturing a Resilient Friend plush toy.

Year 8 – Colour and Plastic

Pupils research how plastics and the Textiles Industry affects our environment. They build on their existing skills and techniques and learn how to add colour to fabric (tie-dye and batik) and how to fuse plastic, so that in can be incorporated into a product. Pupils further their skills on design and evaluation. This concludes in pupils creating a roll up case, with considered thought and attention.

Year 9 – Fabric Manipulation and Fasteners

Our Year 9 program of study has great potential for pupils to proceed to DT GCSE. Pupils are continuing their development and understanding of textile technology. They are introduced to advanced terminology and skills incorporating further textiles techniques and research. Pupils research new techniques and independently choose the ones they are most confident with and feel lend itself well to the product. Pupils learn about fastenings and will incorporate a zip in their product. This knowledge and skill culminates into a creative pencil case.

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