Year 7 Tutor Evening Guest Speaker: a message from Dr Kathy Weston

Dear Parent/Carers

As part of the new Year 7 Tutor evening, we have invited an outside guest speaker to deliver a great session for all parents about how to support your child’s transition to secondary school. The teenage years can be challenging for parents, carers, teachers as well as the students themselves, and Dr Kathy Weston has got some great tips about how we can try to meet those challenges and work together as strong and effective team!

More information can be found on the ‘Keystone Aspire’ website: and there is also a short promotional video on the school’s website from Kathy.

We have managed to put on two talks to ensure you have flexibility with meeting your child’s tutor and working around other family commitments too. There will be refreshments available in the school canteen so that you can have a coffee or tea while you wait for the talk to start.

Because the talk is for adults only, there will be popcorn, a film and teacher supervision in the Learning Centre so that your children can wait for you without getting bored!

If you could send the reply slip back to school with your child, or simply email with your chosen session time that would be great.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st of September.

With best wishes