Abbeyfield School is “flourishing.”

OfSTED March 2017.

Since I arrived at Abbeyfield three years ago, I have been delighted to see the mind-set of our pupils change so that they believe they are going to be successful in what they put their mind to. This culture is becoming embedded here and when you read our well-earned Ofsted report, I hope you are as proud as all of us who are part of this school.

“Teachers expect pupils to work hard and do well. They have high expectations of them. As a result, pupils make good progress.” Ofsted 2017

We are all very proud of this report and it reflects very well on the pupils at our school. I encourage you it read it when you get a chance – you can either download it from the school website as of now or from the Ofsted website (www.ofsted.gov.uk) from 24th April 2017

The MARCH 2017 report has now been published and it is one that Abbeyfield deserves to be rightly proud of. Abbeyfield is a good school with outstanding features and here are a few of the many highlights:

  • Behaviour in the school is outstanding.
  • Leadership and Management across the school is outstanding.
  • “The last three years has led to significant improvements in the standards pupils achieve.”
  • At Abbeyfield, there is “… a culture of success that parents, pupils and staff all support. As a result of this shared vision, improvement is rapid and sustained.”
  • “Students in the sixth form are making better progress with their A level and applied courses than their peers in other schools across the country.”
  • “Governors and senior leaders make a moral commitment to helping every pupil to succeed…” Leaders “have balanced uncompromising ambition with an astute understanding of how much can be achieved at any one time.”
  • At Abbeyfield School there is a culture of “…respect and tolerance across the school community.”
  • Disadvantaged pupils are making a “…very rapid and sustained improvement…”
  • “The most able pupils are making increasing rates of progress as a result of the school’s focus on asking deep and probing questions. Expectations of these pupils are high….”
  • “Pupils are experiencing success because their needs are understood….”

I would like to share more specifically what the inspectors saw in terms of outstanding behaviour at our school. Having a safe school with high behavioural standards is critical to a pupils’ success:

  • Pupils are well known as individuals by staff and there has been a positive change in their pride and commitment to learning over the last few years. They are proud of their appearance and come to school looking smart.
  • Pupils display very high standards of conduct around the site at lunchtimes and between lessons. They are friendly and polite to each other. They are punctual to les-sons.
  • Behaviour in lessons is very good. Disruption is very rare. Exclusion rates have fallen dramatically over the last three years and the school’s records show disruptive behaviour has become rare. Pupils confirm this. They are very proud of their good behaviour.
  • Pupils’ attendance is higher than the national average and continuing to rise.

Ian Tucker
Head Teacher