Curriculum Rationale – Our Intent

Our Curriculum is broad so that pupils can experience a range of opportunities across the curriculum; balanced as it prevents pupils from narrowing down their options too early; relevant to the demands of a rapidly-changing world; and personalised to ensure that the level and type of work are suited to the ability and learning style of each individual pupil. 

These curriculum principles, we believe will stand our pupils in good stead, at each transition point, for a bright and aspirant future where their talents and experience can result in excellent outcomes.

We encourage classroom teachers to take risks in their teaching and plan and deliver lessons that account for all pupils’ starting points whilst also meeting the requirements of the national curriculum and developing a joy of learning and passion for individual subjects.

Abbeyfield Learner – Character Education

The Abbeyfield Learner (Character Education) programme ensures students have the relevant life skills and attributes to be effective learners during school, and for their future aspirations. The skills identified are Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Respect, Initiative, and Communication. These are embedded across the school curriculum and ethos. r